Friday, November 19, 2010

Tome of Tomes

This tome would make quite the rare find in a treasure trove.

The Great Shedu Grammar
Author: Enkiurmu
Race: Shedu
Dimensions: 24x24x24
Weight: 48lbs. per tablet
Materials: 24 incised stone slabs 1 inch thick
Rarity: Unique
Fields of Study: Supernatural & unusual
Special Knowledge Categories: Metaphysics
Value: 5,000 gp

This unique collection of 24 tablets succinctly explains the grammar of the shedu language. Most interesting is that the grammar of the shedu language is based upon the cyclones and winds of the astral and ethereal planes. Although learning to speak the language without a dictionary is impossible, intense study of The Great Shedu Grammar by one of at least 16 intelligence for a month’s period results in very beneficial effects: the likelihood of random encounters as well as encountering the deadly weather while traveling either plane is reduced by 10%. The student of The Grammar is deeply in touch with both planes.

It is speculated that it is not the language that imparts such ability but something intrinsic in the presentation of The Great Shedu Grammar, for those who know shedu but have never studied The Grammar appear to not possesses the benefits of those who have.


Jimmy Simpson said...

Man, they must really be IN TOUCH with those planes, since a 24 inch cube of stone only weighs 4 lbs. By my calculations, if it is carved in sandstone, each tablet would weigh about 48 lbs, bringing the total "book" to 1152 lbs. If carved from granite, it should be about 55 & 1320 lbs.

Still enjoy these Tome of Tomes articles though.

jgbrowning said...

Doh! That's a big error. Yeah, that's some light "stone" alright.... I'll fix it. :)

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