Saturday, November 27, 2010

Formula Folio

Another protection scroll recipe. I'm having a blast with these and I hope you all are enjoying them as much as I am. :)

Protection from Lycanthropes
For the ink required to scribe a protection from lycanthropes scroll

1 oz. giant squid sepia
2 drams of soot from burning bear lard
2 drams of soot from burning boar lard
2 drams of soot from burning rat lard
2 drams of soot from burning tiger lard
2 drams of soot from burning wolf lard
2 drams holy water
1 gallon purified water
1 sprig of wolvesbane
1 small topaz, powdered

All the soots should be gathered over a yew fire. Mix all the soots together and add to the squid sepia. Introduce the wolvesbane to the purified water and bring to a boil over a yew fire. When boil is achieved add the soot/sepia mixture and the powdered topaz. Reduce until half the liquid is gone and remove the wolvesbane, disposing in the yew fire. Continue reducing until all the liquid is removed, leaving only a solid paste. Let the paste completely dry for at least 20 days. Under the next full moon, introduce the holy water and integrate thoroughly.  Makes enough for 2 scrolls. Any special quill is suitable.

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