Thursday, November 18, 2010

The ScandiaFlex Xtream

Ever feel like you were attacked by a piece of machinery at a fitness club? Well, under the shattered moon it can really happen! :)

ScandiaFlex Xtream
Adaptive Robot (Advanced)
C10 A10 S10 F8 R0 I2 W1: Ego 22: Health 76: Fortune 41
Movement 10/88
Components: (A) 20, 20, 20; (U) 1, 1, 2, 3, 4; solar cell (U) 10

Description & Information: The ScandiaFlex Xtream was the premier high-end home exercise gym offered by ScandiaFlex right before the collapse. To use the Xtreme, one need only enter the room and command it to engage. It would then move to surround its users, strap the users in, and place electrodes upon all of their major muscles before beginning the personalized 20 minute work-out session as advised by each individual user’s physician. The muscle gains made using the ScandiaFlex Xtream were impressive for a home system and they were one of the most popular machines in the semi-sentient home exercise market.

The breaking of time, however, has resulted in a few of these ScandiaFlex Xtremes gaining a bit more than semi-sentience, and they’ve decided that the goal of exercise is to separate the weak from the strong and clean the gene pool - for the healthy resemble their creators. ScandiaFlex Xtremes now engage upon the humanoids they encounter, separating the wheat from the chaff through a brutal 1 hour physical workout of Olympian proportions.

Intrinsic Powers
• ScandiaFlex Xtremes have good senses and possess a +2 to sense conflicts and can make extraordinary sense conflicts.
• Can self-repair at a rate of 1 point of Health damage per day.
• Reduce all damage (except electricity) by 6 points per hit.
• ScandaiFlex Extremes attack by engulfing up to 4 targets within a 10 foot radius. Each target is subject to an independent Combat roll. If successful, the target is strapped into the machine. Breaking the straps requires a success on a rank 20 Strength conflict. Once the electrodes are attached (taking a turn) the 1 hour exercise program commences. During the first 30 minutes a victim must succeed on a rank 10 ability conflict for Agility, Strength, and Fortitude. A failure results in the temporary loss of 2 points in the failed ability. The final 30 minutes are even more dangerous, requiring a successful rank 10 conflict or suffer the loss of 3 points. If any ability drops below -4, the victim passes out, and the ScandiaFlex Xtream rips off the limbs of the weakling, causing death.


LoneIslander said...

Sounds Dangerous.

jgbrowning said...

Guess which game designer recently started an exercise program? *huff* *puff*

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