Monday, May 13, 2019

Three New Shattered Moon Novels.

Suzi's written three novels set in the world of the Shattered Moon! They're about the Church of Parkour and the trials and tribulations of one of their Sisters of the Stride, Chandi Chaudary. We just got the second cover and hope to have the series out in October, I believe.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Clamavore!


SIZE: Large (8-10 ft. wide)
MOVE: 180 ft., swimming 180 ft.
DAMAGE: 2-12 + 6
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Half damage from fire
RARITY: Very rare
LEVEL/X.P.: 6 / 1,100 + 10/hp

General information: Clamavores are an abomination from the Elemental Plane of Water. None know what purpose brings these horrors to the Prime Material Plane, but one thing is certain: when on the Prime Material Plane they seek to destroy all mundane life.  A Clamavore will always attack whichever opponent which has done the most damage to it previously. It attacks with the 2 claws. Should a claw strike an opponent, rearward facing spikes will embed itself in the target. In subsequent rounds, the Clamavore will work the claws back and forth in a saw-like fashion, automatically doing damage to the ensnared victim. Should an unfortunate individual be struck by both claws, the Clamavore will attempt to bite with its shell for an additional 2-12 +6 damage.

Additionally, the Clamavore can spit one pearl per round up to 120 ft. Upon a hit, the pearls do 2-12 damage, destroy any metal it contacts (magic items saves versus acid), and drains one point of Wisdom from the victim (save to negate). If the opponent is in the grasp of both claws, the Clamavore can forgo the bite attack and spit a pearl at +4 to hit. A Clamavore will have 3-6 pearls available for spitting, which are replaced at a rate of 1 per week.

Physical description: At rest, Clamavores appear to be enormous clams (8-10 feet across). They have peculiar markings all over the shell consisting of a circle with two lines radiating outward forming a V shape, terminating in smaller circles. When the Clamavore takes notice of a mundane lifeform, the true, horrifying nature of the creature becomes apparent. The shell opens, the hinge at the base separates, and 6 limbs sprout forth, 4 clawed, chiton encrusted legs, and two likewise encrusted arms, each terminating in terrible, snapping claws.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Three New Advanced Adventures for Sale

Yo! They're here! They're only $14 and you can use the code LULU15 for an extra 15% off!

The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventurers of Levels 6-8. More than a century ago, the evil Sea Lords ruled this region. They were cruel men, devil-worshippers who practiced vile rites and were the terror of folk across the seas. But, like most tyrants, they were at last thrown down, their strong places sacked and destroyed. Now, they are little more than a name of fear and loathing. Little of them remains, but sometimes an isolated hold or other location is discovered, most filled with plunder from decades of their reign of terror. Your party has acquired a treasure map purporting to show the location of one of the Sea Lords old holds. While most were sacked and plundered long ago, this one seems to have been missed. With luck, perhaps some of their vast treasure remains for the taking!

Dead In The Water is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-8 adventurers of levels 3-5 You crack your eyes open, surprised to be alive after the sudden storm. What was it that woke you? The hot sun? The stillness ringing in your ears? Bruised, you disentangle yourself from rope and debris on the deck and pull yourself up on the rail. You peer out across a sailor’s nightmare—a sea of glass. Not a ripple in the water as far as the eye can see. Not a whisper of wind touches the sails. You’ve heard stories of ships becalmed for weeks, throwing horses overboard to lighten the load and conserve water. You remember stories of starvation and cannibalism. You see other ships in the distance listing, torn and low in the water. Old. Dead. And you are too...dead, in the water.

The Warrens of Zagash is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventurers of Levels 6-8. The dwarves of these mountains are a good and trustworthy folk, friends to both men and elves dwelling in the region. But their ancient homeland hides many secrets that they might otherwise wish forgotten. Recent rumors have surfaced that a long lost dwarven hall has been discovered. There are whispers that the place was once the center of an evil dwarven cult, though the dwarven authorities will say nothing of it. A recently acquired treasure map points to an ancient dwarven tunnel complex. Could this be the place? Are these the dangerous halls that were once the home for a dwarven cult worshipping an entity they called the Earth Dragon?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Everyone's Got an Angle in Arden Vul

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who aren't really interested in megadungeons is the lack of roleplaying opportunities. And, IMO, it's a valid complaint. One of the design principles of Arden Vul is that there should be plenty of chances for interaction, and plenty of opportunities for politics. Clever play requires having a lot of movable parts. There were so many movable parts in Arden Vul that we had to create a relationships table. Which, frankly, looks awesome to me, and gives me that inspirational felling as much as the maps do, and I've got a bit of a map fetish. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

XRP in a Bundle of Holding

I'm pleased to say that our One on One Adventures Compendium is part of a Bundle of Holding, the Bundle of Holding for Two #2.

This bundle focuses on games suitable for two people and contains five other 1 GM/1 Player options that make for great play when you can't get the gang together.

10% of the sales to to Human Rights Watch!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

OSR sale at is having a big sale of OSR products for the next week. All my Advanced Adventures, along with Malevolent and Benign are included.


Monday, January 7, 2019

The Stonewall print books are ready and e-books are up for pre-order

I'm excited to begin my new authorial career with four short novels about a fella named Stonewall who finds himself trapped in a gonzo post-apocalyptic world. Shenanigans abound! The print books are all available now, and the e-books are available for pre-orders. They'll start coming out on the 14th of this month, with a new release every week. If anything I've ever written before has piqued your interest, please check these out as well. I think they're great (unsurprisingly) and I'd love to write many more stories about the same character.

His opponents don’t know it, but they’ve just shown up on death’s doorstep.

When Agent Six woke up from cryosleep, he expected to find another assassination mission on deck. Instead, he was a temporal castaway in some mad post-apocalyptic future where mutated humans, animals and plants roam the busted earth under a shattered moon. Luckily, he found the fortified settlement Deeplac, and joined with the natives as William Stonewall to build the first home he’d ever known.

Everything was fine until the neighboring clan of rat men kidnapped Deeplac’s tinker, the only person who could fix the old machines. Now Deeplac needs the services of Agent Six. Unfortunately for Stonewall, he never told anyone what he was. Now he’ll have to. In the process, he’ll risk losing the life he built to save the people he loves.

Click here for the E-book pre-order (Available Jan 14, 2018)
Click here for the softback version.
There’s nothing worse than vulture capitalism!

Everything was fine until the vulture men of Waukegan decided to squeeze Deeplac for double tribute. Two rival factions are vying for who’ll become the next CEO of their mafia empire, and neither is backing down. Still reeling from the wastelanders’ attack, Marilyn’s kidnapping by the rat men, and flood of refugees from the north, Deeplac’s coffers are slim and draining fast. The elder council of Deeplac find themselves at wit’s end, and in need of a plan.

Caught between two extortionists and a river of need, Stonewall knows what needs to be done, but it’s a one man job. This time, he’s on his own.

What dies in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Everything was fine until a bit of silvery salvage transported Stonewall just outside the ruins of Las Vegas, a vital trading hub between the West Coast and the rest of post-apocalyptic North America. In the blink of an eye, Stonewall and his companions Diana and Zew find themselves in a dry and deadly land two thousand miles from home. There’s only one road out of Vegas heading back home, and it’s claimed by the Red Line Raiders, a band of road warriors that relentlessly attack any who travel through their territory.

Their last hope is to catch a ride on the trading caravan traveling east to Colorado, but time is running short before the traders hunker down for the winter. With no apparent way to finesse a ride, they are forced to consider contest in the gladiatorial pits to earn a place in the caravan. Beneath the shattered moon only the strongest survive.

Knowledge has a price, and everyone has secrets beneath the shattered moon.

Barely surviving the trip out of Las Vegas, Stonewall and his companions finally catch a break and their breath at the Library, a rare bastion of knowledge and learning in this otherwise brutal reality. The halls of knowledge reveal much about the strange mutated world, but new information leads Stonewall to more questions. Before he can seek more answers, Stonewall, Diana, and Zew find themselves sea-bound in flight from a slave uprising.

The massive freshwater sea nestled in the middle of the North American continent seems their only escape, but unbeknownst to Stonewall, he’s heading into the gravest danger he’s faced yet: oracular prophecies of ill fortune, dynastic succession conflicts, and the greatest storm the Center Sea has ever seen.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Covers for my upcoming fiction series!

I've written a series of 4 novels set in a rather gonzo post-apocalyptic world. Here's the first cover. They should start coming out next month!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Arden Vul - Manuscript Completed.

Heya folks, just a quick update. The Arden Vul manuscript is now finally done! We have lots of editing to do (and that usually requires some additional writing/re-writing) but we have a completed vision.
After so many years of work it's a remarkable feeling. The majority of Rick's efforts are now over and the weight of the project is now on my shoulders.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Arden Vul working Table of Contents

Here's the table of contents from the working manuscript. I'm currently on the 2nd edits of Sub-level 10A. 
General Introduction
Overview and Timeline p. 1
General Architectural Features p. 6
Factions of Arden Vul p. 9
Iconic Locations of Arden Vul p. 35
Rumors p. 36
Adventure Hooks p. 37
Customizing Arden Vul p. 38
Exterior Adventure Locations
Burdock's Valley p. 40
The Azure Keep and Gosterwick p. 41
Exterior: the Long Falls and the Long Stair p. 58
The Ruined City of Arden Vul p. 65
The Pyramid of Thoth p. 97
The Tower of Scrutiny p. 104
Halls of Arden Vul - the Dungeon Levels
Level 1: the Basement p. 110
Level 2: the Howling Caves and the Well of Light p. 118
Level 3: the Halls of Thoth (3-1 to 3-70) p. 157
Level 4: the Forum of Set p. 264
Level 5: the Obsidian Gates, the Midnight Road, and the Sanctum p. 362
Level 6: the Troll Lifts and the Arena p. 442
Level 7: the Court of the Troll Thegn p. 530
Level 8: the Nether Reaches p. 614
Level 9: the Floor of the Great Chasm p. 691
Level 10: the Ziggurat of Kauket p. 762
Sub-Level 1: the Tombs of Light p. 793
Sub-Level 2: the Hall of Shrines p. 802
Sub-Level 3: Lesser Baboon Caves p. 818
Sub-Level 4: the Goblin Warrens p. 830
Sub-Level 5: the Lizardman caves p. 859
Sub-Level 6: the Drowned Canyon p. 876
Sub-Level 7: the Flooded Vaults p. 923
Sub-Level 8: the Caves Behind the Falls p. 939
Sub-Level 9: the Kaliyani Pits p. 947
Sub-Level 10A: the Hold of the Sun-Scarred Knights p. 977
Sub-Level 10B: the Citadel of the Sun-Scarred Knights p. 1001
Sub-Level 11: the Tomb of Isadora p. 1003
Sub-Level 12: the Workshops of Kerbog Khan p. 1014
Sub-Level 13: the Lost Chambers of Arden and the Shuttle Bay p. 1029
Sub-Level 14: the Chamber of the Beacon p. 1054
Sub-Level 15: the Druid’s Retreat p. 1062
New Monsters p. 1074
New Magic Items p. 1180
New Technological Items p. 1237
Arden Vul Items p. 1249
New Flora p. 1253
World of Archontos p. 1257
Books of Arden Vul p. 1272
New Spells p. 1309
NPC Appendix p. (1335)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Majesty of Arden Vul (map o-rama!)

See the maps? This place is amazing.

But wait, that's just the Levels. What about the Sub-levels? Here's most of them....

Arden Vul, people. Arden Vul.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Nearly 50% off our Compendiums at Lulu

As a reminder, I've put all our compendium products up for sale at Lulu for 30% off. That includes all four of the Advanced Adventures compendiums for old-scholl/OSRIC/1e modules as well as the two Pathfinder One-on-One Adventures for one player and one GM.

Advanced Adventures Compendium One
Advanced Adventures Compendium Two
Advanced Adventures Compendium Three
Advanced Adventures Compendium Four
One On One Adventures Compendium One
One On One Adventures Compendium Two


(Oh, Lulu also has a coupon for 25% off right now BLACKFRIDAY25, so you can get more knocked off the price - it ends up being just a hair less than 50% off the normal cover price.)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

1 on 1 Adventures November Sale - 80% off!

I've put all the 1 on 1 Adventures PDFs up for sale at drivethrurpg for 80% off for all of November. If you've needed Pathfinder adventures for 1 player and 1 GM, they are the things to pick up. Hell, if you do a bit of work, they're easily expandable for a full-sized party.

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