Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Music

Always enjoyed this video for a great song. Both it and the song have this slow patience about them that makes one believe there's a lot of turmoil just beneath the surface.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Music I can't listen to while working...

I constantly listen to music while working, but I just found one I cannot listen to. The Man in Black. There's something about his voice that draws my mind away from what I'm thinking about and towards what he's singing. That's rather amazing. Hell, even writing the brief post was pretty difficult 'cause I'm listening to him while writing this and I'm finding him more interesting than my writing.

Huh. Cool to find things out about yourself that you'd never suspect.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Music for Today

Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life, 1976. A truly monumental double album that I've always found hard to describe: for me the pure feeling of the songs on the album make me pull a Bill and Ted "Woah!"

If you've never listened, you should - a most enjoyable education.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Two More Tome of Tomes

Metal Stresses
Author: Unknown
Race: Fire Giant
Dimensions: 12x12x6
Weight: 125 lbs.
Materials: Red dragonskin-bound, brassboard, copper sheets
Rarity: Very rare
Fields of Study: Physical universe
Special Knowledge Categories: Architecture & engineering, chemistry
Value: 200 gp

An ancient work of fire giant origin, Metal Stresses is a long series of tables indicating the tensile, compressive, and shear strengths of a bewildering number of metallic formulations in a bewildering number of lengths, widths, and shapes. Most of the formulas are simply referred to by number, resulting in a mass of unusable information, but scholars have identified over two dozen types of metals in the work, and the numbers have held true under testing. A potential for great wealth resides within if other formulas could be identified. This copy is in Common.

Triangular Set Theory
Author: Master Theosidus
Race: Human
Dimensions: 8x8x1
Weight: 2lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, vellum
Rarity: Rare
Fields of Study: Physical universe
Special Knowledge Categories: Mathimatics
Value: 20 gp

A unique mathematical invention of the master mathematician Theosidus, Triangular Set Theory describes a process for solving three-variable set theory questions using triangular geometry. The work is nigh-incomprehensible (requires 18 Intelligence to understand) and has almost no practical application.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Clan of the Claw Revealed!

The lobster men ruling the former coast of Maine have finally been brought to light. These cold-blooded bastards look upon normal muties only as food, so watch the waters!

I've reached the end of the critters for Sorcery & Super Science! 2nd Edtion - 55k words done and now I'm on to the fiddly clearing-up bits today.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two more Tome of Tomes

Corelon Lanatham
Author: Nain Bluetooth
Race: Dwarf
Dimensions: 16x16x1
Weight: 5 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, vellum
Rarity: Very rare
Fields of Study: Demi-humankind
Special Knowledge Categories: Theology & myth
Value: 75 gp

This ancient dwarven work regarding the elven High God, Corelon Lanatham, is a collection of stories in which the God ‘s treacherous true nature is revealed. A rare book, even in holy dwarven collections, it is nonetheless a cornerstone for fundamentalist dwarves. Elves burn this book whenever possible, claiming it nothing more than “dwarven idiocy.”

The Flying Serpents of Hempodo
Author: Arget Polycolp
Race: Human
Dimensions: 16x16x2
Weight: 10 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, parchment
Rarity: Rare
Fields of Study: Fauna
Special Knowledge Categories: Reptiles
Value: 300 gp

The Hempodo lands are commonly known to house dinosaurs, but within their dense jungles another rarer group of creatures reside: the flying serpent. This work by Polycolp exhaustively catalogues the three dozen or so known species of flying serpent. The habitat, geographic range, and behavior of each species is lavishly illustrated with multiple images and maps. Although over 100 years old, no other text on the subject approaches the quality of this work.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Demon Dogs!

Every gonzo-post-apoc game's gotta have some demon dogs! If you read the description, you'll find out why they're an epithet. :-)

Friday, January 6, 2017

ZiL-29061 Blue Bird Screw-Propelled Vehicle

Another great ATV for a post-apoc world, the ZIL-29061 Blue Bird Screw-Propelled Vehicle. This little beauty makes short work of muddy terrains as well as water. As an added bonus, the video is in Russian which always sounds menacing to me since I grew up during the Cold War. Hell, I'd probably find Russian cooking instructions to sound scary thanks to my childhood associations... :-)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two more Tome of Tomes

The Laws of Unam
Author: Unknown
Dimensions: 4x5x0.5
Weight: 1 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, vellum
Rarity: Common
Fields of Study: Humankind
Special Knowledge Categories: Theology & myth
Value: 25 gp

The ancient-beyond-ancient words spoken by the God Unam to his priests set the social castes into place, promoting order in the wild and barbaric lands of Nabdha. The work is still considered the holiest of holies among the Unamians and the words of Unam still provide guidance for the modern castes of Greater Aryavata. This translation into the common tongue by an unknown translator lacks beauty, but meaning is well-conveyed.

The Earth Forging
Author: Unknown
Race: Human
Dimensions: 8x10x1
Weight: 2 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, parchment
Rarity: Very rare
Fields of Study: Humankind
Special Knowledge Categories: Theology & myth
Value: 95 gp

This epic poem of over 20,000 lines tells the entire history of the world according to the extinct Juaka peoples of Western Javalarkandh. Within it the origin of the world as an iron nugget, the forging by the God Feaquitawatala into the world as we know it, and the decoration of the world with all the green things by his wife, the divine Komalitalo, is eloquently recited. The work finishes with the tears of Dread Rowipikalo’s at Feaquitawtala’s murder of her husband creating the seas of the world, thus making them impassible. This extremely rare text is in the Juaka language.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sorcery & Super Science! 2nd Edition 6 Monster Preview

Today's preview is a beaver/moose hybrid because ya gotta put the Gon in the Gonzo! This sucker's six feet tall at the shoulder.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sorcery & Super Science! 2nd Edition Monster Preview 5

What's the post-apoc without some social commentary? Below's the Fortunate Son, the spirits of those born on third base who think they've hit a triple.... who simply refuse to just go die!

Monday, January 2, 2017

K-Wagen "Kolossal-Wagen" Super Heavy Breakthrough Tank

Another fairly ridiculous WWI tank that would loo perfectly in place in a post-apoc world, this one reminds me of the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier from Aliens. The K-Wagen lived up to it's name: 9 ft tall, 9 feet wide, and 15 feet long, and a crew of 22. It had 4 77mm guns and 7 machine guns and traveled at a blazing speed of 4.5 mph. Only two were produced. (The image below has the front on the right, rear on the left.)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Daimler MarienWagen - A WWI-era "tank" for your Post-Apoc Worlds.

This tank looks like a primitive Jawa sandcrawler to me. It was to be equipped with two machine guns, two 20mm cannon, and a flamethrower, but by the time it was ready to be tested the Germans had already realized it wasn't up to AFV status (it was more of an APC), and then they had a terrible test trial in which the vehicle tipped over (as it was obviously top heavy). None entered production.

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