Saturday, November 24, 2018

Nearly 50% off our Compendiums at Lulu

As a reminder, I've put all our compendium products up for sale at Lulu for 30% off. That includes all four of the Advanced Adventures compendiums for old-scholl/OSRIC/1e modules as well as the two Pathfinder One-on-One Adventures for one player and one GM.

Advanced Adventures Compendium One
Advanced Adventures Compendium Two
Advanced Adventures Compendium Three
Advanced Adventures Compendium Four
One On One Adventures Compendium One
One On One Adventures Compendium Two


(Oh, Lulu also has a coupon for 25% off right now BLACKFRIDAY25, so you can get more knocked off the price - it ends up being just a hair less than 50% off the normal cover price.)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

1 on 1 Adventures November Sale - 80% off!

I've put all the 1 on 1 Adventures PDFs up for sale at drivethrurpg for 80% off for all of November. If you've needed Pathfinder adventures for 1 player and 1 GM, they are the things to pick up. Hell, if you do a bit of work, they're easily expandable for a full-sized party.

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