Monday, January 7, 2019

The Stonewall print books are ready and e-books are up for pre-order

I'm excited to begin my new authorial career with four short novels about a fella named Stonewall who finds himself trapped in a gonzo post-apocalyptic world. Shenanigans abound! The print books are all available now, and the e-books are available for pre-orders. They'll start coming out on the 14th of this month, with a new release every week. If anything I've ever written before has piqued your interest, please check these out as well. I think they're great (unsurprisingly) and I'd love to write many more stories about the same character.

His opponents don’t know it, but they’ve just shown up on death’s doorstep.

When Agent Six woke up from cryosleep, he expected to find another assassination mission on deck. Instead, he was a temporal castaway in some mad post-apocalyptic future where mutated humans, animals and plants roam the busted earth under a shattered moon. Luckily, he found the fortified settlement Deeplac, and joined with the natives as William Stonewall to build the first home he’d ever known.

Everything was fine until the neighboring clan of rat men kidnapped Deeplac’s tinker, the only person who could fix the old machines. Now Deeplac needs the services of Agent Six. Unfortunately for Stonewall, he never told anyone what he was. Now he’ll have to. In the process, he’ll risk losing the life he built to save the people he loves.

Click here for the E-book pre-order (Available Jan 14, 2018)
Click here for the softback version.
There’s nothing worse than vulture capitalism!

Everything was fine until the vulture men of Waukegan decided to squeeze Deeplac for double tribute. Two rival factions are vying for who’ll become the next CEO of their mafia empire, and neither is backing down. Still reeling from the wastelanders’ attack, Marilyn’s kidnapping by the rat men, and flood of refugees from the north, Deeplac’s coffers are slim and draining fast. The elder council of Deeplac find themselves at wit’s end, and in need of a plan.

Caught between two extortionists and a river of need, Stonewall knows what needs to be done, but it’s a one man job. This time, he’s on his own.

What dies in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Everything was fine until a bit of silvery salvage transported Stonewall just outside the ruins of Las Vegas, a vital trading hub between the West Coast and the rest of post-apocalyptic North America. In the blink of an eye, Stonewall and his companions Diana and Zew find themselves in a dry and deadly land two thousand miles from home. There’s only one road out of Vegas heading back home, and it’s claimed by the Red Line Raiders, a band of road warriors that relentlessly attack any who travel through their territory.

Their last hope is to catch a ride on the trading caravan traveling east to Colorado, but time is running short before the traders hunker down for the winter. With no apparent way to finesse a ride, they are forced to consider contest in the gladiatorial pits to earn a place in the caravan. Beneath the shattered moon only the strongest survive.

Knowledge has a price, and everyone has secrets beneath the shattered moon.

Barely surviving the trip out of Las Vegas, Stonewall and his companions finally catch a break and their breath at the Library, a rare bastion of knowledge and learning in this otherwise brutal reality. The halls of knowledge reveal much about the strange mutated world, but new information leads Stonewall to more questions. Before he can seek more answers, Stonewall, Diana, and Zew find themselves sea-bound in flight from a slave uprising.

The massive freshwater sea nestled in the middle of the North American continent seems their only escape, but unbeknownst to Stonewall, he’s heading into the gravest danger he’s faced yet: oracular prophecies of ill fortune, dynastic succession conflicts, and the greatest storm the Center Sea has ever seen.

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