Sunday, December 30, 2018

Covers for my upcoming fiction series!

I've written a series of 4 novels set in a rather gonzo post-apocalyptic world. Here's the first cover. They should start coming out next month!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Arden Vul - Manuscript Completed.

Heya folks, just a quick update. The Arden Vul manuscript is now finally done! We have lots of editing to do (and that usually requires some additional writing/re-writing) but we have a completed vision.
After so many years of work it's a remarkable feeling. The majority of Rick's efforts are now over and the weight of the project is now on my shoulders.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Arden Vul working Table of Contents

Here's the table of contents from the working manuscript. I'm currently on the 2nd edits of Sub-level 10A. 
General Introduction
Overview and Timeline p. 1
General Architectural Features p. 6
Factions of Arden Vul p. 9
Iconic Locations of Arden Vul p. 35
Rumors p. 36
Adventure Hooks p. 37
Customizing Arden Vul p. 38
Exterior Adventure Locations
Burdock's Valley p. 40
The Azure Keep and Gosterwick p. 41
Exterior: the Long Falls and the Long Stair p. 58
The Ruined City of Arden Vul p. 65
The Pyramid of Thoth p. 97
The Tower of Scrutiny p. 104
Halls of Arden Vul - the Dungeon Levels
Level 1: the Basement p. 110
Level 2: the Howling Caves and the Well of Light p. 118
Level 3: the Halls of Thoth (3-1 to 3-70) p. 157
Level 4: the Forum of Set p. 264
Level 5: the Obsidian Gates, the Midnight Road, and the Sanctum p. 362
Level 6: the Troll Lifts and the Arena p. 442
Level 7: the Court of the Troll Thegn p. 530
Level 8: the Nether Reaches p. 614
Level 9: the Floor of the Great Chasm p. 691
Level 10: the Ziggurat of Kauket p. 762
Sub-Level 1: the Tombs of Light p. 793
Sub-Level 2: the Hall of Shrines p. 802
Sub-Level 3: Lesser Baboon Caves p. 818
Sub-Level 4: the Goblin Warrens p. 830
Sub-Level 5: the Lizardman caves p. 859
Sub-Level 6: the Drowned Canyon p. 876
Sub-Level 7: the Flooded Vaults p. 923
Sub-Level 8: the Caves Behind the Falls p. 939
Sub-Level 9: the Kaliyani Pits p. 947
Sub-Level 10A: the Hold of the Sun-Scarred Knights p. 977
Sub-Level 10B: the Citadel of the Sun-Scarred Knights p. 1001
Sub-Level 11: the Tomb of Isadora p. 1003
Sub-Level 12: the Workshops of Kerbog Khan p. 1014
Sub-Level 13: the Lost Chambers of Arden and the Shuttle Bay p. 1029
Sub-Level 14: the Chamber of the Beacon p. 1054
Sub-Level 15: the Druid’s Retreat p. 1062
New Monsters p. 1074
New Magic Items p. 1180
New Technological Items p. 1237
Arden Vul Items p. 1249
New Flora p. 1253
World of Archontos p. 1257
Books of Arden Vul p. 1272
New Spells p. 1309
NPC Appendix p. (1335)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Majesty of Arden Vul (map o-rama!)

See the maps? This place is amazing.

But wait, that's just the Levels. What about the Sub-levels? Here's most of them....

Arden Vul, people. Arden Vul.

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