Friday, February 10, 2023

Advanced Adventures Bundle of Holding - Only Three Days Left!

Only three days left! All 43 Advanced Adventures -adventure modules for the OSRIC gaming system, a 1e retro-clone- are in the bundle of holding for an extremely modest price of $37. These modules are made in the Old School Renaissance style: tools, not plotlines; rulings, not rules; a gamemaster who doesn't railroad players onto a prearranged script but lets them sink or swim through their own actions. Encounters aren't necessarily "balanced," and outcomes are seldom scripted. Characters who don't use their heads usually wind up losing them.

Designed for the open-license OSRIC system, the Advanced Adventures modules adapt easily to any Old School fantasy RPG such as Old-School Essentials, and they fit smoothly in your ongoing campaign to let your player characters ramp from level-1 zeroes to level-10 heroes. If they live, of course!

As an additional bonus, both Malevolent and Benign and Malevolent and Benign II are included in the bundle. That's two 100+ page 1e monster books so you can populate your own modules in your own campaign with new creatures to challenge your experienced players.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Return of Advanced Adventures!

After a 3.5 year hiatus, I'm returning to the Advanced Adventures line. Yesterday I picked up where I've left off on The Heart of the Titan (Advanced Adventures #50) and when I first pulled out my dice to roll for monster hit points (I always roll fair-n-square) I felt the old joy of creating rpg material return.

It had been gone for a while: finishing Arden Vul took a lot out of me and I've turned to fiction to follow my joy, which was part of the bargain I made with myself when I decided to be self-employed 25 years ago. I was only going to do what brought me joy (because the pay was never going to be worth doing otherwise).

But now it's back, baby! and I'm excited to get the next Advanced Adventures out. I have manuscripts for number 44-49 (which require editing, cartogarphy, lay-out, art, etc..) and am writing #50, so we'll get the Advanced Adventures line to the half century mark.

It will probably not be til the end of the year that the next one comes out, but they're on the road. I just have to figure out how to balance my fiction work with my rpg work.

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