Thursday, May 20, 2021

Fair Game: The Salt Mine 13 now available

 Heya folks, Fair Game, our latest Salt Mine (urban fantasy) book is out!

While the local branch of the Institute of Tradition performs their yearly ceremony before the start of the Minnesota State Fair, the resident ghosts send out an S.O.S. Leader responds by assigning David Wilson—codename Fulcrum—to investigate, but when his liaison cancels at the last minute, suspicions flare. After Wilson’s initial examinations, Clarence Morris—codename Deacon—is called in to provide assistance as only he can.

The Great Minnesota Get Together is a beloved tradition visited by two million people annually. If the agents of the Salt Mine fail to get a handle on the brewing troubles, it’s really going to be a record breaking year—in deaths.

Fair Game is the thirteenth book in the Salt Mine series, an exciting urban fantasy about the black ops agency that monitors supernatural activity from its subterranean headquarters in the deep mineral mines of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

If you enjoy the TV shows Supernatural, Grimm, Eureka, The Librarians, Warehouse 13, X-Files, Relic Hunter, or Fringe, you’ll enjoy reading the Salt Mine series as they keep a lid on the wild esoteric world of the occult.

When magic is real, someone has to rein it in.

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