Saturday, November 20, 2010

Formula Folio

As a kid, one of the things that inspired me most about gaming was the concept of magic being esoteric. The biggest aspect of that in the game was spell components, but although I loved them, my true love in relation to magic was formulas. The idea that magic resided in items of sometimes a common nature drove my imagination. I've decided to revisit the early wonder and hopefully create something that everyone could use in their game were that time to come. So, for the 200th post here at Sorcery & Super Science!, I present the first recipe from the Formula Folio...

Protection from Demons
For the ink required to scribe a protection from demons scroll

1 oz. giant octopus ink
2 drams holy water
1 oz. copper
1 radish
666 sesame seeds
1 small ruby, powdered
1 oz. of lemure ichor

Harvest the radish at midday and roast with the crushed sesame seeds in a cast iron skillet with three handles. Once the radish begins to burn, add the powered ruby and lemure ichor and remove from heat. Store in a white ceramic container for 6 days. Add copper and let sit for 6 more days. Then add the holy water and octopus ink at midday and let sit for another 6 days. Decant into a clear glass container at midday. Makes enough ink for 2 scrolls. A Vrock feather quill is required.


James said...


jgbrowning said...

Glad you like it James. Hopefully, this idea will save GMs some effort and provide an interesting side-aspect to their normal game.

Anonymous said...

Inspirational for the DM by providing lots of encounter and adventure seeds with each spell recipe. I like it.

jgbrowning said...

Thanks for the comment, austrodavicus. Trying to make each recipe interesting and adventure-seed incorporated as you note.

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