Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dwindling Aspen

There are some forests below the shattered moon that seem too barren of life...

Dwindling Aspen
Mutated aspen (Basic)
C0 A0 S0 F16 R-4 I-4 W-4: Ego 8: Health 32: Fortune 4
Movement 0

Description & Information: Dwindling aspen are commonly found in the northern areas of North America. Their fire-hardiness and clonal-colony reproduction has led to massive groves of dwindling aspen covering dozens of acres. Dwindling aspen can be very deadly, but for most of the time they appear little different than a normal aspen.

Limited Use Powers
• Dwindle (1 per month): Once per month, a dwindling aspen seems to shiver, and a wave of what can only be called negative energy (as there are, so far, no know methods of protection except for force shields) radiates from the trunk of the tree causing 1 point of Health damage to living thing within 150 feet. There are no protections from this strange radiation, excepting force shields. Once one dwindling aspen triggers, the rest of the entire stand fires off as well, potentially killing even very powerful creatures in their midst, leaving the remains of victims to increase the fertility of the land.

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