Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorcery & Super Science Review at Roleplaying Tips

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Anyway.... :)

They've recently posted a review about Sorcery & Super Science. My favorite part is the conclusion (emphasis mine of course)...

Despite low production values, a tendency to place a great deal of faith in GM-player interactions, and art that is more often amusing and illustrative than inspiring and evocative, I think Sorcery and Super Science is a triumph of small RPG publishing.  Joseph Browning has done a fantastic job of creating a world totally in the hands of the GM and his players, and of giving the players the tools to create any character they might desire from the halls of pop culture or the depths of their own imagination.

The game system lends itself well to both veterans of gaming and total newbies, with a nicely graded difficulty curve that rewards mastery without punishing inexperience.  The random aspects of character creation might frustrate a hardcore powergamer, but I think many would find the freedom from decisions liberating and the character creation process a joy of die-rolling and discovery.

I’d recommend Sorcery & Super Science to anyone looking to inject a breath of fresh air into their playgroup or start a new one entirely.
Although I'd disagree about the production values (however, I understand that when compared to full-color works one could view it as such)  and the nature of the art (I believe that humor in art is one of those things sadly missing from modern games - think of the "+2 backscratcher" illo of old - these are games after all), I'm glad to see that the aesthetic choices of the system powerfully come through. Sorcery & Super Science puts so much freedom into the hands of the GM and the players that it demands that the GM and the players be experienced gamers who want to make the game run as they want it to run. I'm very pleased to see that design decision picked up in a review. It's one of the reasons why I consider Sorcery & Super Science decidedly old-school.

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