Monday, November 1, 2010

Creeping Death

Of course Sorcery & Super Science as some "grey goo" lurking under the shattered moon.

Creeping Death
Nano-robotic Swarm (Advanced)
C6 A8 S6 F12 R-4 I-4 W9: Ego 26: Health 64: Fortune 33
Movement 2.5/22

Description & Information: The terrible creeping death is legendary under the shattered moon. A gray goopy mass roughly the size of a average mutie, the creeping death appears to have no intelligence and be utterly indifferent of its surroundings excepting when it “latches” onto a particular creature or person. When such happens, the creeping death relentlessly peruses its target, mindless of other dangers or opportunities. This creature or person could be thousands of miles away at the moment of latching and the creeping death will spend months traveling to find its target. How or why a creeping death does this is entirely unknown.

Intrinsic Powers
• Reduce all Physical and Ego damage by 6 points per hit.
• Reduce all Energy damage by 8 points per hit.
• Reduce all Toxic damage by 4 points per hit.
• Ignores all damage resistances or immunities when attacking. Deals +6 damage and +4/ rank 10 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Technology Absorption (3 time per day): A creeping death can absorb any object, healing it 5 Health and 5 Ego damage. What is absorbed is completely destroyed.
• Mutable Form (10 per day): The creeping death can change its shape to fit the environment as determined by the GM. For example, it could form a long pseudopodia stretching over a crevasse making a bridge out of itself and thereby pass over the obstacle. If this power is depleted, the creeping death can only maintain its natural “fried egg” shape.

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