Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to pick up Malevolent & Benign?

Lulu's having a sale, offering a 25% discount on your entire order for today only, using coupon code CYBER305. It may be the day to pick up Malevolent & Benign. It's a 128 page monster book that, IMO, has some great monsters in it. Also, you could pick up Monsters of Myth as well to round out the 2 major OSR monster books. Hell, pick up a bunch of OSR stuff while your there. Try the OSR storefront and browse - a bunch of us OSR publishers use the storefront.

And thanks to Tenkar's Tavern for cluing me in... :)


grodog said...

I'm using some of the monsters from M&B in my upcoming GaryCon events, Joe: it's always nice to throw 20+ year old players for a loop with something brand new :D


jgbrowning said...

Nice to hear it Allan. I think those in M&B are just as good as those found in the original 3 monster books and glad to hear they're being used at tables.

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