Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorry for the Silence

Sorry for no updates in the past few days. Suzi and I were out of town visiting friends. It was a nice little trip and we were able to play several games each of Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Twelve Crowns. All three are great fun. I lost my first-ever game of Pandemic, scored an amazingly-low score of 29 in Ticket to Ride (seriously, that is utterly horrible *and I was trying!*), and I managed to go 6 rounds in Twelve Crowns only scoring 3 points.

All in all good fun. Now back to work!


Gothridge Manor said...

Glad to have you back JB. I've never played any of those games. Been a while since I had a game night.

jgbrowning said...

I'd thoroughly recommend any of them to any one who likes board games (although 12 Crowns is a card game). Of the three, I think 12 Crowns would be the most non-gamer friendly, then Ticket to Ride, and then Pandemic. Pandemic is more "intense" in terms of long-term thinking, IMO.

Unknown said...

Both great games, and I feel your pain with regards to 29 points! Must have gone for some serious connections there!

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