Friday, February 25, 2011

The Whispers of the Bone Lord

A new whisper track for Sorcery & Super Science!

The Whispers of The Bone Lord

Bone Ladder (Basic): Activating this whisper pulls bones from the ground that quickly assemble into a ladder capable of holding 5 tons. The ladder is normally 30 feet tall, but the sorcerer may spend an additional 1 point of Fortune to extend the ladder an additional 10 feet to a maximum of 100 feet. The ladder lasts for 10 minutes. Activating this whisper costs 1 Fortune.

Bone Horse (Intermediate): Activating this whisper pulls bones from the ground that quickly assemble into a horse-like shape. The bone horse can carry 1 ton, move at 20/176, and follows the commands of the sorcerer. It can take up to 20 points of Health damage before failing. The bone horse lasts 6 hours. Activating this whisper costs 2 Fortune.

Bone Fists of the Countless Dead (Advanced): Activating this whisper pulls dozens of bony clenched fists from the soil in a 50 foot radius centered upon the sorcerer. All living creatures larger than a house cat (except the sorcerer) are subject to an attack at Combat 10 dealing +6 bludgeoning damage and a +4/ rank 4 combat condition. Activating this whisper costs 6 Fortune.

Bone Lock (Ultra): Activating this whisper pulls multiple bone segments from the sorcerer, dealing 20 Health damage and reducing the sorcerer’s physical primary abilities by 1 for the next week while the lost bones regrow. The sorcerer can mold the bone parts into a mystical lock that can only be opened by its creator. The bone lock cannot be damaged (by anything), and also acts as mystical armor against bashing attempts to gain entrance into what is has locked. Any attempts to damage the locked object find their damage reduced by 30 points. Activating this whisper costs 8 Fortune.


Jeffrey Runokivi said...

This is Super Cool and I intend to use it asap.

jgbrowning said...

Glad you like it!

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