Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Formula Folio

This ink is probably the one most used by all clerical scroll writers, IMO. :)

Cure Light Wounds
For the ink required to scribe a clerical cure light wounds scroll

1 oz. of giant octopus ink
1 oz. of holy water
1 oz. of horse glue
1 scruple of gum Arabic
1 scruple of sage
1 small piece of hematite, powdered

Mix ink and holy water is a golden vessel. Add sage and gum Arabic and decant into a crystal container. Cover crystal container in horse glue and roll in powdered hematite, coating completely. Let rest in sunny area. When glue and hematite have fallen off the surface of the crystal (usually 2 months) the ink is ready. Makes enough ink for 2 scrolls. Any special quill is suitable.

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