Sunday, February 27, 2011

Immobilizing Attack

A new power for Sorcery & Super Science!

Immobilizing Attack: (Active, Transferable, Uncommon) You have an unusual distance attack that does not harm your target, and instead immobilizes. You should state what happens when you use this power, such as you spit sticky mucus, you shoot spider webs, or you command the air to solidify around a target. You can only immobilize creatures of the indicated size or smaller and, if hit by your attack, a victim can free himself the next turn with a successful Strength conflict against the indicated rank. After that, a conflict to escape may be attempted once every minute.

T    Range    Weight    Break Rank
B    20           200               4
I     40           400               6
A    60          600               8
U    80         1200             10

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