Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blood Burrs

Another of the many static hazards in Sorcery & Super Science!

Blood Burrs
Mutated grass (Basic)
No statistics

Description & Information: These innocuous looking burrs are common during late summer and early autumn on the grasslands of the world below the shattered moon. They are large, roughly an inch in diameter and dark brown in color. Believed to be a mutated form of genetically-modified grass specifically resistant to pesticides, the blood burr is a constant worry to travelers. Traveling during the night through unknown territory is the most common cause of a blood burr infestation.

Any creature walking through a patch of blood burrs will find their legs coated by the clingy pods. If they are not immediately removed (within half a minute) they release an anesthetic and drill into their host’s body, sucking out the blood within. A mild infestation of blood burrs lowers the victim’s maximum Health by one per day. A more severe case can result in the loss of half a dozen or more Health points per day. After draining a total of 5 Health a single burr will drop from the host and germinate into a new blood burr plant.

Attached blood burrs can be burned off without injury to the host, but tearing them off results in 5 Health damage for a mild case and 10 for more severe cases.

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