Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lost Keys of Solitude - Free!

Did I mention that I've giving away a free PDF of Advanced Adventures #10: The Lost Keys of Solitude until Monday? :) And the download redirect issue is fixed, so it should work like a charm this time.

Sorry for not having much going on at the Blog for the past few days. We had a computer emergency and had to get a replacement will all the reloading of software and pulling of hair that entails - but thanks to an aggressive back-up strategy we lost no data. Oh, and I had to get the auto fixed as well. The past 3 days have been very hectic and I now have a week to get the house ready for showing, but at least the front and basement are now painted and the outside power washed along with the fence.

So sorry for the few updates. Go get a free adventure in the meantime. Have fun reading it and see if you can get a group together to run it. I think it's quite good.

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