Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damaged Advanced Adventures Sale!

So, as Suzi and I dig through our piles of books for the move, we've discovered some damaged copies of Advanced Adventures as well as Malevolent and Benign. Instead of recycling them, I thought I should offer them up at reduced prices - surely someone wouldn't mind a dinged or damaged copy. Most of the time, the damage is a dog-eared corner, a bad cut, a chipped-out corner, a wonky spine, or cover scuffing. The copies are completely usable at the table, they're just not good for full retail value.

So drop by our website and pick up some deals. There is limited quantities of everything.


Tim Snider said...

Great deal! Grabbing M&B. Thanks for the offer!

jgbrowning said...

Glad you picked it up. I hate destroying books - something about it gives me the willies.

Gothridge Manor said...

JB > Picked up 3 things this morning. Thanks for the sale!

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