Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Call for OSRIC Module Manuscripts

I'm putting the finishing touches on Advanced Adventure # 24: The Mouth of the Shadowvein and after that I have no more OSRIC manuscripts. That's not nice. :(

So I'm putting the call out for new OSRIC adventure manuscripts to the public. We're looking for works of no more than 12k words. We need manuscripts that don't use any of WotC's IP (no beholders, mind flayers, githyanki, etc), and preferably manuscripts that show the author is at least familiar with the Advanced Adventures line in terms of design (ie. no railroading, no boxed text, etc.). In particular, I'd like to see lower-level adventures as the line is a bit weak on them, so adventures of 1-3 are particularly desired. We pay $.01 a word for all rights - meaning that a 12k adventure would net you $120 and an author's copy of the module.

I know everyone has at least one (if not more) really good modules within them, either written in the past or just finished, so please e-mail me at josephbrowning@gmail.com if you're interested in seeing your work in print.



Xyanthon said...

Heh, Joe, I'd love to write a module and have it illustrated by Pete Mullen and Stefan Poag. Hhhhmmmm, I'll have to think on this ;).

jgbrowning said...

Hah! That's a pretty cool idea, John.

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