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Potions are consumable, one-shot artifacts in Sorcery & Super Science!. They’re often the first things a sorcerer makes after discovering his power, but they are also quite capable of impressive results when crafted by a master. Any liquid is suitable for making potions and many people believe that special, secret ingredients and preparations are required, but potions are made just like any other artifact with one special difference: a spirit can be transferred from any object containing a spirit into a potion during the potion-creation process. For example, a sorcerer has a normal black pearl in which he has placed two spirits with hopes of eventually creating the artifact called a black pearl. Instead of finishing his project, the sorcerer could transfer one of those spirits into a potion.

Potions contain no Fortune. Drinking a potion is an attack action.

Potion of Awareness (I) 5; Value 250
Spirit: P (I) 5
Description: For the next hour, the drinker of this potion knows that something bad is about to happen 10 seconds before it does.

Potion of Bountiful Harvests (I) 2: Value 100
Spirit: E (I) 2
Description: When poured over a plant, that plant produces twice as much food as normal without any ill effects. The bountiful harvest lasts for the life of the plant or 5 years, whichever is shorter.

Potion of Bubbly Mouths (B) 1; Value 10
Spirit: D (B) 1
Description: For the next hour, whenever the drinker speaks, masses of soap bubbles spew from his mouth.

Potion of Bushy-Tails (B) 1; Value 10
Spirit: E (B) 1
Description: This potion removes the need for sleep for 24 hours. If more than two of these potions are quaffed in a week, the user falls into a deep sleep, lasting 12 hours. The sleeper cannot awake during this period.

Potion of the Camel (B) 13; Value 130
Spirit: E (B) 13
Description: This potion removes the need for water for three days.

Potion of Chickens (B) 1; Value 10
Spirit: D (B) 1
Description: Those who drink this potion act like a clucking chicken for one minute.


ze bulette said...

I'm going to use several of these, thanks! Potions are the only magic item I allow to be bought in our game, and I'm attracted to simpler items like some of these for that purpose. I'm looking forward to the mislabeling of a potion and the resulting soap bubbles for example.

I wonder what might happen if some seeds were eaten whole, shortly before imbibing the Potion of Bountiful Harvests? ;)

jgbrowning said...

You are one devious GM. :)

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