Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm 6th-Level

A 6th*-level blogger, that is. According to the famous listing at From the Sorcerer's Skull, I just made Maven level. Looking at that list, it looks like he needs to add a 10th-level now, perhaps name-level. :)

Thanks to all of you who read my wee blog. Hopefully I'll soon achieve 7th-level so I can get some 4th level spells. I really want Wizard Eye. :)

*I"ve been doing so much layout recently that I immediately looked for the superscript button when I typed this. Ha!


Trey said...

Congratulations, and welcome to mavehood. Use your powers only for good. :)

jgbrowning said...

Good? Evil? I use my powers for awesome! :)

Aaron E. Steele said...


The Happy Whisk said...

Blogging is so fun. Woohoo! Glad to see you've leveled up. Making you a yummy celebration dessert and teleporting it your way.

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