Monday, March 28, 2011

Death Head

Death Head
Mutated hyena (Ultra)
C7 A5 S8 F7 R2 I6 W12: Ego 54: Health 54: Fortune 47
Movement 15/132

Description & Information: Death heads are solitary creatures most commonly found on great plains or savannas. A truly  rare creature below the shattered moon, death heads are actively avoided by any reasonably-sane creature. Physically, they look like something between a lion and hyena, but their heads resemble an overly-toothy baboon with pearl-white eyes. Although possessing a powerful bite, it’s the eyes that sensible muties fear; for the eyes are death.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses greater than human, +2 to sense conflicts.
• Death heads are preternaturally agile, reacting to reduce damage - all Health damage is reduced by 2 points.
• Death heads attack with a strong bite, dealing +6 piercing damage per hit and a +2/ rank 10 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Death (6 per day): Six times a day, a death head’s eyes may flash with sizzling red targeting a living creature within 60 ft. If the attack is successful, the target must succeed on a rank 20 Willpower conflict or begin dying.

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