Monday, June 10, 2013

Back from NTRPG Con

Got in on the old flying iron bird last night from NTRPG con and after a 12 hour rest I am ready to face the world. Had a lot of fun meeting everyone, talking business, and playing in a few games.

I think the highlight was when I sat down at a table with Frank Mentzer and Greg Gillespie and a gentleman I didn't know. They were talking about publishing and Frank got up for a prior engagement after a few minutes of conversation. The gentleman I didn't know was talking about how he had submitted some art for a project that hasn't seen the light of day and and I politely asked, "Oh, you're an artist?"

He simply showed me his name badge (which was turned around) - Erol Otus.

Yeah, that's how I met Erol Otus. "Oh, you're an artist?"

Ha! :-)

Now, to fulfill some outstanding orders and get back into the flow of day-to-day work. Everything that was ordered while we were gone will go out tomorrow.

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