Saturday, June 22, 2013

Advanced Adventures Compendium THREE (hardback version) On Sale!

So I just got the book shipment back from NTRPG Con (lotta fun, btw) and I'm putting all our Advanced Adventures Compendiums (One, Two, & Three) up for sale at the Expeditious Retreat Press website.

Note that Compendium Three won't be officially available until about mid-year of 2014 (perhaps even later) and I had just made a short run for NTRPG Con. Compendium Three contains AA#30 which hasn't even been released yet as an individual module.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot, all of them are on sale for only $40 instead of the normal $50. ...and Malevolent & Benign (hardback) is on sale for $30 (normal $40).

Go buy some, ok? You won't regret it. They're pretty damn good, IMO (and I'm not biased at all...).

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