Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WotC Reprinting OD&D

It looks like WotC are reprinting the OD&D white box set. It'll include all 7 booklets (so it has the supplements as well as the original 3 booklets) and each booklet will have new cover art.

I'm very pleased with this. There are a lot of people who've never really had the chance to see these booklets and more that have never had the chance to own them because they're rather expensive.

Good news, all around, methinks.


Dan of Earth said...

I could have sworn they were printing the set, not sex! :-)

jgbrowning said...

Yeah, about that..... :-)

One of my better typos.....

Xyanthon said...

I'm pretty excited. I already own the originals and the clones, but hell, I'm a sucker.

Unknown said...

No Swords & Spells, though!

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