Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wolf

Perhaps the most iconic "monster" of all time, the wolf has always had a bad rap as far as adventurers seem to care.

Wolf (Basic)
Adult: C4 A2 S2 F2 R-4 I3 W1: Ego 4: Health 20: Fortune 10
Juvenile: C2 A2 S1 F2 R-4 I2 W1: Ego 2: Health 14: Fortune 6
Movement 15/132

Description & Information: The wolf has managed to thrive under the shattered moon, being clever, quick, and social animals. Packs range in size from 11 members up to massive packs of 40 members (2-11 adults, 6-16 juveniles, 3-13 yearlings). Yearlings do not fight and flee when attacked.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses greater than human +10 on any sense conflicts.
• Wolves have good agility and minimize damage done from melee attacks by 1 point per hit.
• Wolves have powerful bites, dealing +3 piercing damage per hit and a +4/rank 4 combat condition.

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