Wednesday, September 1, 2010

North Ohio Nation

And here we have another state description from the upcoming ZZZ Quick Guide to North America. GTSL means Government, Technology, Safety, Liberty with 0 being least and 9 most. This keys the map found on the back cover.

19. North Ohio Nation
Elective Monarchy:  Queen Gisela Harbach
GTSL: 1428

The weakest and wildest of the Ohio Confederacy states, the North Ohio Nation constantly struggles against incursions of Midwestern Badlanders. After the sacking and burning of the old capital, a new capital was founded on Kellys Island under the rulership of Queen Gisela Harbach. The decision has proven wise as much of the North Ohio Nation is facing a terrible crisis of lawlessness and banditry, but the capital remains secure.

Harbach is desperately trying to rally support from the other Confederated States, but is having no luck given the great threat of the Pittsburghers. The other states have tacitly written off the North Ohio Nation and there are even rumors that The Grand Duchy of Coshocton is behind some of the Badlander’s raiding with eyes upon annexing the North Ohio Nation into the Grand Duchy if Harbach dies.

Visitors in this area should expect a frosty reception, at best, but if you can prove yourself honest and helpful, there’s a great deal of friendship to be gained. Our writers have done their best to help the small communities and have always been treated very well. That said, it’s rumored that members of The Firemen have been seen in the area and that is never a good sign.

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