Monday, September 13, 2010

Magnificent Greater Free Quebec

One of the warring states of Quebec...

6. Magnificent Greater Free Quebec
Dual Monarchy: Queen Clotilde Dupille and King Edward Stockton
GTSL: 5646

Magnificent Greater Free Quebec is one of the newest and more technologically advanced states in the Northeast. Two years ago, the dual monarchs Clotilde Dupille and Edward Stockton settled their respective kingdoms’ differences through marriage and forged Magnificent Greater Free Quebec. Believing that both English and French should be the language of their people, they have recently declared war upon both the PRQ and the QPR, decreeing that no mutie should be persecuted for the language he speaks as long as it is English or French.

As noted above MGFQ is relatively technologically advanced and, although the ruins of Montreal are still quite dangerous and avoided, the western part of the Ile Perrot has been walled off and turned into a prosperous community considered the capital of the new state. Officially any party planning a scavenger raid into Montreal must register at Ile Perrot to pay an entry fee and to pay a tax upon recovered goods, but a thriving underground trade exists. It is rumored that the monarchs soon plan government-organized raids into the great ruined city, so if ruin raiding is your interest you’d best get in soon while the getting’s good.

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