Saturday, September 25, 2010


Suzi and I are in a cabin in the mountains somewhere southwest of Asheville, North Carolina. A bunch of us are staying until Monday and so far much drinking and gaming has commenced. Last night's game was an Old-School Hack game that I found quite enjoyable. It's quite a bit different than its inspiration source - meaning that it's far from a clone, but it does have the quick and easy flow of said source.

Ours was a more humorous-oriented game. I played a barbarian that wore only a loincloth made from his own beard. As a weapon, he used the mummified corpse of his father as a giant club. Can't get more barbaric than that, eh? Ended up that good-ol' dad got brought back to unlife due a surge of necromantic energy, but he was still ok with being used as a weapon. Even if he did complain that I wasn't fighting very well.

I've been focusing on the White Russians as my drink of choice in honor of The Dude, who is quoted in Advanced Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve. Yeah, have fun finding that Easter egg. :)

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