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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Only 4 copies of MMS:WE 2nd Edition Left!

The sale's gone smashingly and I've managed to knock out almost 2 boxes of books that I won't ever have to move again. Thanks!

I'm down to only 4 copies of MMS:WE 2nd Edition that are available at the $5 sale price. I'm keeping back 5 to have them in stock for a while, but those will be at full price. So if you're interested, now's the time.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (2nd edition) only $5!

Suzi and I are moving shortly and I don't want to move a box of MMS:WE 2nd editions. This results in me putting the award-winning book up for sale for only $5 at the XRP website. Yeah, a 192-page softcover book for only $5.

Buy a copy. Buy several copies. Please help me not move the box of books again!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

1001 Post!

(Just realized this is my 1001 post here at S&SS and it's kinda humorous that it's about passing a rpg milestone.... Thanks for reading, all.)

Ok, I guess I have passed another milestone when it comes to being a creative in the rpg business. I just spent about 20 minutes trying to remember where I saw that awesome list of gems before I realized that what I was looking for was in one of the books I've published.

Yeah, I spent 20 minutes trying to find an on-line source of information when what I wanted was about two feet away in A Magical Society: Silk Road.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is why it takes so long...

So I've been working on A Magical Society: India today for about 50 minutes.

I've written 115 words.

Difficult, difficult writing...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Magical Society India

The hardest 215 words (unedited) that I've written in a long time. The introduction to A Magical Society India. (yep, I'm finally starting to write the bugger). It'll be done when it's done.
This book aids the creation of a generic medieval Indian world for role-playing using various versions of the world’s most popular role-playing game. This is not a campaign setting, nor is it a history book. This book allows you to add a medieval Indian feel to your world without forcing you to play in a truly medieval Indian world. This volume provides a wealth of resources concerning medieval India: the spatial systems, the social groups and distinctions, the trade and economics, the law and justice, and the typical Indian medieval mindset. Modeled after the state of the Indian sub-continent circa 1200-1400CE, this book simulates, but does not replicate, actual medieval India.

This book also provides introductory information on costumes, customs, mythology, games, tournaments, linguistics, and other aspects of medieval India. This supplement provides GMs information and tools for increasing the depth of their existing world. However, it should be noted that the real historical India is vastly more complicated than presented in this book. It is a huge landmass filled with dozens of different cultures and languages, waxing and waning as history progresses. This book only scratches the surface and some basic core assumptions in gaming integrate poorly with actual medieval Indian society. Ultimately, GMs must make decisions on how their magical medieval society works.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Massive $5 Advanced Adventures Sale! All December 2012.

I've decided to do our first $5 module sale at the Expeditious Retreat website. Every Advanced Adventure Module is now on sale for only $5 for the printed adventure. I've done 50% off sales before, so this is the lowest price on any of the AA's since we started making them in 2006. As a special bonus, Advanced Adventures #2: The Red Mausoleum, and Advanced Adventures #3: The Curse of the Witch Head are being sold for only $2! Two bucks for an adventure simply cannot be beat.

Also on the OSR front, I now have the Advanced Adventures Compendium One and Compendium Two hardcovers available through our website as well as the hardcover version of Malevolent & Benign (our OSR monster book - you should pick it up, it's cool). These three books are also on sale for 50% off.

Additionally, all the remaining Sorcery & Super Science printed books are on sale for 75% off! I don't have any of the core-rulebooks anymore, but at $3 a pop, the supplements are quite the deal for those interested in the game. For those who like general post-apoc craziness, the ZZZ Quick Guide to North America is pretty-much systemless and could easily serve as a good setting for any post-apoc game, IMO.

On the Pathfinder front, our 1 on 1 Adventures #12-#15 are also on sale for only $5. Malevolent & Benign (Pathfinder version) is on sale for 50% off and even though we've only got one copy of the 1 on 1 Compendium left it's also at half-off.

Finally, the first book we ever published (back in March, 2003) A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe is also on sale for 50% off. It's the second edition of the text and, in my not so humble opinion, a great resource for running a pseudo or quasi-medieval campaign.

So that's quite a long commerical-oriented post. I've been publishing now for almost 10 years, and my birthday is in December, so help me fund some goodies for myself.... :-)

Merry Ho-Ho and have a happy version of whatever you choose to celebrate!

EDIT: ON SHIPPING: Shipping may become expensive for non-US customers who order many products as our system doesn't calculate shipping very well on such orders, unfortunately. If shipping comes out more than a few bucks different than the actual shipping price, I'll refund the excess to you. I'll treat you right.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

To Many Irons In The Fire

So, like I mentioned in the last post, I've started working on something new that's consuming all my time right now. Which is not the best decision, actually, since I've got about 5 Advanced Adventures to edit and product, a new game (Worlds Apart) that I should be producing supplements for, an older game (Sorcery & Super Science) that I should be producing another supplement for (The Bean Lords of Bad Axe), and quick-and-dirty game (One Shot) that I should be producing a new adventure for because they're short and fun to write, and a new book in our original series A Magical Society: India.

But what am I doing? Following my muse instead of my brain. I do that a lot unfortunately, because you don't make a lot of money in the game industry and doing what you really want to do is one of the big perks. Were any of the things I was putting off serious money-makers, I'd bite the bullet and get them done first. But seeing as how most things are relatively comparable in terms of income production, might as well do the thing that you're most interested in doing right now.

Eventually I'll tire of the the new thing, and get a bug up my butt for Advanced Adventures and then knock out all 5 ASAP, or start jonesing to work on a few more Worlds Apart Island Gazetteers, or even keep reading and jotting notes for A Magical Society: India. India's the big one. It will probably make the most money out of all of them, but it's also far-and-away the hardest to write. Magical Society books are supposed to kick all sorts of ass, and making that occur takes a lot of effort and actual scholarship rather than just creativity.

All in all, not a bad job to have. :-)

...and just because I can....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Magical Society: India

I spent about 6 hours yesterday at the main library at Ohio State University. Suzi was doing a day-long orientation, leaving me free to wander the bookshelves. I, of course, headed right for the Indian history section, as a large research library should have vastly more resources than what I've been able to acquire. And I was right.

The section is still comparably small, but one side of a long row of books is more on Indian history that I have seen before. The trip was very fruitful, providing me with 4 different titles that I would like to have in my personal library, but all but one are OOP and quite expensive.

One book in particular has been a break-through discovery in terms of researching for A Magical Society: India. Moosvi's The Economy of the Mughal Empire is a gold mine of useful information. It is a detailed study and analysis of the Ain-i-Akbari. This provides information on crop yields and returns, income and expenses, military numbers and expenses, along with many other things of interest for MMS:I. It is, in short, what I've been trying hard to find to help pull back the curtain on history and bring it into a gaming environment.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Advanced Adventures #18: The Forsaken Sepulcher now available.

So it's been, what, almost 10 days or so since I've done an honest post. Between two long trips (one to Dayton, OH, the other to Pittsburgh, PA), an overnight visit by some friends, and now an illness (still not recovered, but much better than yesterday) I've gotten very little work done.

However, I've finally managed to put AA#18 up for sale at our website as well as in PDF form at Your Games Now and rpgnow. It's another high-leveler from Alphonso Warden and if you've liked his other works I think you'll find it another good adventure.

I should also mention that our damaged stuff is just about gone, so if you were interested in $4 hardcover version of AA#1 or an $15 hardback copy of the second edition of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe you should probably drop by our website as well at this link. A few copies of A Magical Society: Silk Road are still available as well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Magical Medieval Society Castles and Magical Society India

Well, I just finished reading all of the books I've set aside for A Magical Medieval Society Castles and writing will start soon. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. A castle book is hard to do as a Magical Society product because what I need is synthesis of the subject, not just a simple elucidation and transference of information to the reader - which is also needed of course. Synthesis is a bitch. I'm kinda stuck now, staring at the blank white page and going... "huh?"

I've also been trucking along with my Magical Society India reading. It's been cool and I've learned some interesting things that I didn't know before. Once I'm done with two or three general books I'll need to focus on more specific books, but I won't know that those are until I get there. Reading is always so much easier than writing. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More India Thoughts

Conceptually, A Magical Society: India should be very different than A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe. Many of us have played distinctively quasi-European games for most of our lives. These games were more based upon literary, movie, and comic book sources than on real history, but they still featured knights in plate traversing lands looking not that dissimilar to Britain, France, or Germany while eating cheese, meat, milk, and crusty breads. Surely, there were jaunts into jungles and deserts, but those were not the standard terrain, they were the spice on a relatively Western European game.

India's significantly different. Size-wise, it's about 3/4th the size of the European area when you include Pakistan and Bangladesh, and in terms of cultural diversity, it's similar, if perhaps not greater. Compared to what most gamers are familiar with, food is different, politics is different, and religion is massively different - but actually more similar to what the bog-standard game assumes in terms of multiple deities.

What this means is that more time is going to be needed covering the basics, as the basics are less familiar to the average reader than the basics of a medieval Britain or France. Some things not directly covered in MMS;WE (such as food) need to be covered in MS:I. The overall view of the work will be a bit skewed from the prior one, but I think in a way more appropriate to subject and the reader.

Oh, and because I can, if one think's India's a big subject, try Africa. I know I should probably split India into parts, but I'm not going to for ease of use. Africa, on the other hand, I feel like I do with Asia - it's too big for one book. Hell, technically, Europe's just an Asian peninsula, but don't tell the Europeans. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Magical Society: India?

As some of you may know, Expeditious Retreat Press first started out back in 2003 with A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe, a book about how to design a medieval-esque background for your game. We won a lot of awards for that book and last night I got hit with the bug to start a new book about how to add an Indian background to your game.

Suzi and I have traveled to India twice, once for 6 weeks and a second time for about 4 months. Its a place both of us love: crazy, beautiful, ugly, amazing. It will bowl you over. I think I've been missing it a bit lately, and I saw Daily Life in Ancient India on the shelf and I just got inspired to write the new Magical Society book. We've toyed with the idea several times, but Magical Society books are a bitch-and-a-half to write as they take a lot of time and effort to do right.

So, now I have to begin the reading on the period. I've read quite a bit already, but it's one thing to read for personal understanding and quite another to read with the intent to explain to others. But it'll be nice. When I don't feel like working on Sorcery & Super Science! or on any of our OSR stuff, or on our Pathfinder stuff, I'll have an additional outlet.

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