Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bama Mills

Lets continue with the ZZZ Quick Guide entries today. GTSL means Government, Technology, Safety, Liberty with 0 being least and 9 most. This keys the map found on the back cover.

42. Bama Mills
Representative Alliance: President Abram Kostava
GTSL: 3468

Just south of The Free Farmers of the South, Bama Mills is an agrarian state focusing on cotton production, both the growing of as well as the processing of. Many of the The Free Farmers send their cotton downriver to the mills of Bama Mills, keeping the twin mill settlements of Coffeeville and Lower Peachtree bustling with activity. The capital of the alliance is located about halfway between the two settlements just north of the ruins of old Grove Hill.

A surprising amount of wealth flows through Bama Mills, and their military is a sturdy one, ever ready for a conflict. Traditionally, their soldiers spend much of their time near the border with Jackson’s land, but there are rumors coming from The Magnolia Masters’ territory that’s causing a bit of a build up along that border as well.

There’s not much of interest in Bama Mills for a scavenger. Most of the ruins are small and thoroughly picked over. However, the mysterious and legendary Bunker City is supposedly located in the forested hills of the State, and the rumor continues to draw treasure seekers of all kinds.

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