Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Advanced Adventures #16: Under Shattered Mountain available in PDF

Yep! #16 of our series of adventures suitable for 1st Edition gaming is out at Your Games Now and at rpgnow. Shortly it'll be available at Paizo and E23. It's the 6th adventure in the Advanced Adventures line written by James C. Boney. The beautiful cover is one of Peter Mullen's finest, IMO. Under Shattered Mountain is An OSRIC(tm) module designed for 5-8 adventures of levels 9-12. It should come out in print form in about a month.

Shattered Mountain... an evil landmark looming over the countryside. In ages past, the mountain roared as a volcano and rendered the surrounding area uninhabitable, and then suddenly went quiet. Centuries later, investigation by adventurers revealed the volcano’s core to be mysteriously sealed off, although large tunnels appeared to meander through the ground underneath. In time, various creatures made those tunnels their homes, though few dared to strike out into the populated areas due to the champions which defended civilization.

However, things have recently changed for the worse; soothsayers for leagues around now say a devil lives under the mountain.  Could such be true, or is it only the nattering of those too timid to delve beneath the shattered mountain?

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