Friday, September 10, 2010

The Highland Rim Duchy

Another territory of North America below the shattered moon. Again, GTSL means Government, Technology, Safety, Liberty with 0 being least and 9 most. This keys the map found on the back cover.

28. The Highland Rim Duchy
Benevolent Military Dictatorship: Duke Tam Nguyen
GTSL: 5746

Founded 15 years ago by Duke Tam Nguyen, the growth of The Highland Rim Duchy has been impressive. The Duke’s ability with technology is largely responsible for the restoration of both the Wilson Lake hydroelectric generator and the Wheeler Lake hydroelectric generator. The capital of Nguyenville rests upon the shores of Wilson Lake between the two dams and encompasses a power cell manufactory restored by the Duke.

It is rumored that the Duke has many technologically advanced objects and weapons for his own personal use, but we have been unable to determine if this is true. The Duke is always heavily guarded by his legendary manservant Strange Grind. Strange doesn’t let any but the most trusted visit the Duke and his 800 pounds of flying mutated gorilla muscle ensures nothing untoward occurs during these rare meetings.

Of interest to visitors are the ruins of ancient Huntsville, Forence, and Tuscaloosa. The first two of these ruins have been fairly well explored by the Duke himself, but they are far from tapped out according to our sources in The Church of Parkour. Tuscaloosa is a new addition to The Highland Rim Duchy and the Duke is currently paying well for items of interest retrieved from the ruins. Given the state of war between The Duchy and Hotlanta, any discovery of a military nature can fetch a good price.

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