Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Library

And some more from the upcoming ZZZ Quick Guide to North America Below the Shattered Moon. GTSL means Government, Technology, Safety, Liberty with 0 being least and 9 most. This keys the map found on the back cover of the Sorcery & Super Science! core rules.

Remember all those PSA announcements wherein one would write to Pueblo, Colorado? :)

61. The Library
Wizard State: The Librarian
GTSL: 7822

Founded over a hundred years ago by The Librarian, the Library is a state built around a gigantic underground facility storing vast amounts of information. Few are allowed to enter The Library complex beyond the common areas, but knowledge is paramount, and those willing to donate a book to The Library are given temporary passes. The Librarian hasn’t been seen this past decade, spending all his time underground, but his state apparatus functions without his direct intervention. The ruins of ancient Pueblo and Colorado Springs have been raided many times and present little opportunity for scavengers. If you have a question that needs answering, The Library is probably the best place under the Shattered Moon to find the answer.

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