Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tar-fruit Trees

Some of the lovely flora found under the shattered moon. Generally best avoided.

Tar-fruit Trees
Mutated pear tree (Basic)
C3 A0 S5 F6 R-4 I1 W2: Ego 10: Health 28: Fortune 13
Movement 2/18

Description & Information: Common throughout the world under the shattered moon, tar-fruit trees are slow-moving, carnivorous, mutated pear trees. They earn their name from the large, sticky, tar-like fruit that hangs from their limbs. Tar-fruit trees hunt with these sticky grenades, using them to immobilize prey. An immobilized target is soon crushed under the massive weight of the tree’s trunk.

Although dangerous predators, the tar from a tar-fruit tree is a very useful substance. After soaking a tar-fruit in vinegar for a week, the tar transforms into a burnable, waterproof, pitch-like substance found on the ends of most torches. Some daring individuals have created farms of tar-fruit trees and have meet with great success. The trees are rather quiescent when well fed and watered, but harvesting the fruit is a dangerous job typically relegated to slaves.

Intrinsic Powers
• Possess senses less than human -6 on any sense conflicts. Tar-fruit trees cannot sense anything beyond 50 feet.
• Tar-fruit trees are very difficult to damage - all Health damage, except slashing, is reduced by 4 points per hit
• Tar-fruit trees can launch a volley of tar-fruit to a range of 40 feet. The attack deals no damage, but a hit target must succeed on a rank 6 Strength check or be held fast by the tar-fruit for 10 minutes. If a target is held fast, the tar-fruit tree moves over the victim, raises its trunk high and smashes down upon the struggling creature. This attack is only possible against immobile creatures and deals +15 bludgeoning damage per hit and a +4/ rank 10 combat condition. A tar-fruit tree can smash and lob a volley of tar-fruit during the same turn. A tar-fruit tree has 10 volleys of fruit per day.

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