Monday, September 6, 2010


Another state under the shattered moon. Got the inspiration for this one from a Squidbillies episode. :)

30. Hotlanta
Military Dictatorship: General Tecumseh Bloodletter Hood
GTSL: 3418

Recently carved out of the Appalachian Deathlands, Hotlanta relies upon the military might of the state to maintain what little security and safety can be found in the still mostly-wild area. General Hood is both feared and admired by the muties that follow him, and even though his constant raids into the ruins of great and ancient Atlanta have been costly and mostly unsuccessful, the belief that Hood is divinely destined to conquer the ruins and bring a new age of peace and harmony throughout the entirety of North America keeps his men in check and thirsty for blood and plunder.

Hotlanta has recently started warring with The Highland Rim Duchy, The Free Republic of Montgomery, and The Grand Duchy of Piedmont. All three states have militaries possessing better morale and better equipment, but General Hood is convinced that right is on his side and soon both will fall to his morally superior cause and has seen some minor successes.

Of obvious interest to the traveler in this area are the ruins of Atlanta. Still mostly untouched even after successive raids, there are surely many treasures waiting to be unlocked. But be warned, much of Atlanta is claimed by members of The Holy Coterie of Delmar Louis, and the rumors of their atrocities are not to be shrugged away.

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