Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Delta Kingdom

One of the kingdoms in the center of the "civilized" lands in the southern part of North America under the shattered moon. Again, GTSL means Government, Technology, Safety, Liberty with 0 being least and 9 most. This keys the map found on the back cover.

45. The Delta Kingdom
Hereditary Monarch: King Robert Johnson
GTSL: 7657

The Delta Kingdom is a strong kingdom, surrounded by other states. Luckily for King Johnson, his feudal subjects are extremely loyal and support for each other is quick and decisive. Stretching from the southern ruins of Memphis all the way to the ruins of ancient Shreveport, The Delta Kingdom is a very fertile region. It is this fertility that provides the stability for the large military force that keeps all the neighboring states from pecking away at the kingdom.

The Delta Kingdom runs a canning factory outside ancient Greenville, and cans featuring the golden triangle symbol of The Delta Kingdom can be found throughout North America. The cans most commonly contain beans, corn, tomatoes, or pickles, but recently a tinned chicken has been introduced to great success.

Of interest to travelers is the capital of Greenville, one of the few cities under the shattered moon with running water and electricity. It’s expensive to get in, but it is, in our opinion, worth it. Additionally, the ruins of Shreveport, Monroe, and the southern outskirts of great Memphis provide some possible salvaging.

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