Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Characters Below the Shattered Moon

Here's one of the 5 NPCs featured in the upcoming Characters Below the Shattered Moon, Volume 1. CBtSM vol 1, should come out in PDF late next week. It features 5 fleshed-out NPCs, a new race, 2 new destinies (the Spirit Rider posted earlier is one of them), and a butt-load 50+ of commoners to make the GM's job that much easier. I've added an illustration below of the party Incantaros leads. He's the oh-so-mysterious one on the left. :)

Incantaros the Black, Male Human Sorcerer, Age 38
C4 A4 S3 F5 R4 I6 W8, Ego 46 Health 32 Fortune 68
Highlights: Alternate Identity, Long-Lived, Lucky
Spells: Visual Illusion (Ultra), Other Senses Illusion (Intermediate), Combat Ability Boost (Intermediate), Vampiric Attack (Intermediate), Extended Duration (Intermediate)
Whispers: The Queen’s Bridge (Basic), The Queen’s Cage (Intermediate), The Queen’s Bonds (Advanced), Zygo’s Draining Charge (Basic), The Mouth of Magoman (Basic)
Equipment of Note: Early Body Armor, The Sword of Incantaros +3 damage, +4/rank 4 slashing (Weapon Weal, 12 Fortune), Modern Shotgun +10 damage, +4/rank 7 piercing, Lucky Charm (15 Fortune), The Black Robe (Willpower Booster, 13 Fortune).
Resistances: Physical 4, Energy 1
Skill Sets: Animal Husbandry (Advanced) 1, Foraging (Advanced) 1, Artifact Construction (Ultra) 4, History of the Ancients (Advanced) 1, History Under the Shattered Moon, (Advanced) 1, Lore of Change (Ultra) 2, Lore of the Dead (Ultra) 2, Lore of Nature (Ultra) 2, Lore of Preservation (Advanced) 1, Operation of Weapons & Armor (Advanced) 2

A master of illusion, Incantaros is a seasoned adventurer and not a sorcerer to be trifled with. He has spent almost 20 years wandering under the shattered moon, and has experience in the ruins and deathlands of eastern North America. Incantaros relies heavily upon his illusions and prefers to travel alone, but recently has found friendship and camaraderie among a group of much younger explorers who look to him for leadership: something he is not entirely comfortable with, but has accepted regardless. Incantaros has named his newly-found band, The Hand of Fate, and they’re beginning to make a name for themselves. Incantaros favors an enchanted long robe that covers most of his body and makes him harder to identify, for he has a secret in his past he would rather remain there.

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