Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes those cast off and torn up Snuggies don't go so easily...

Arthur Braune sent me this message on Facebook today: "Sometimes those cast off and torn up Snuggies don't go so easily and come back as pissed off spirits looking to harm the living..."

And well, that idea is both funny and terrifying so I had to take his comment and run. I figured what better revenge for a creature born of loss than to reciprocate it? So thanks for the idea Arthur and I hope you like the below creature. :)

Destructive spirit (Intermediate) 10
C10 A2 S2 F4 R2 I2 W2: Ego 20: Health 36: Fortune 24
Movement Fly at 10/88

Description & Information: In a world where almost everything has been discarded, Snugglies embody the anger of the left behind. It is a whirlwind of debris. But at the heart of every snugglie is a shredded item that once was extremely beloved. Most often, it is a shredded Snuggie.

Intrinsic Powers
• Reduce all Health damage by 6 points per hit.
• Attacking the heart of a snugglie is done at -4, but a snugglie has no damage resistance when hit in its heart.
• Snugglies attack with their swirling debris, dealing +6 damage and +4/ rank 4 combat condition. The type of damage (piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing) should be randomly determined for each hit.

Limited Use Powers
• Self Manifest (1 per year): Snugglies can make themselves flesh for one day per year.
• Add to the Fury (4 per day): Instead of dealing damage with a hit, a snugglie may choose to add to the collection of items of which it is made. Unless the target succeeds at a rank 10 Strength conflict, whatever it is currently holding in his hands becomes part of the snugglie. This breaks the item permanently, rendering it useless.

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