Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tome of Tomes

Continuing the series...

Author: Norri Darsid
Race: Dwarf
Dimensions: 6x5x2
Weight: 2 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, parchment
Rarity: Common
Fields of Study: Demi-humankind, physical universe
Special Knowledge Categories: Sociology, architecture & engineering
Value: 25 gp

The standard work of masonry, Stonework, is a seminal work featuring over 100 illustrations of different patterns of stonework. Each pattern is discussed in detail, focusing on the pros and cons of the work. A quintessential dwarven work, the meaning of each pattern to the dwarfish people is discussed as well - what patterns are appropriate for a feast hall and what patterns belong only at holy sites. Much insight into dwarven society can be gleaned from this terse and illustrative text.

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