Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upcoming Sorcery & Super Science! products

I've just put the finishing touches on Objects Below the Shattered Moon, which will be a short PDF with 3 new items, 36 new artifacts,  and 5 new creatures that are summoned/created by said artifacts. Also, Creatures Below the Shattered Moon, containing 17 new creatures is finished and it too will be a short PDF. Well, almost finished. We're waiting on some art for both of those projects.

After those two come out, I'm going to start focusing on more setting-specific material. There are two products in the works for this. The first is the ZZZ Guide to North America Under the Shattered Moon, which will be a large-scale overview of all of the area shown on the map on the back of the core rules. The second is The Vulture Men of Waukegan - a gazetteer of that particular region of North America under the shattered moon. Its in that area that The House of Blue Men resides.

Finally, I'm also working on another location-based adventure called The Scourge of the Rat Men. It too starts in Deplac Village, but leads to a different location than The House of Blue Men. This is the adventure that Suzi's ran at Origins and Gen Con. I'll be changing it up a bit, of course, as a 4 hour con game doesn't make for a good multi-session play-at-home adventure, but the heart of the adventure will remain the same.

So that's what's up with the Sorcery & Super Science line at the moment. Some small PDFs providing additional options for GMs, two gazetteer-type setting products, and an adventure location. We've got our grubby little paws a'working so you can get your grubbly little paws on some more S&SS stuff soon. :)

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