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Spirit Rider

A new destiny very-loosely inspired by the Loa.

Spirit Rider
The spirit world is everywhere, and everywhere spirits cause endless problems. I fix that. I make the spirits understand that their actions have consequences and that they are not free to force their will upon others, be that for destruction or order. They do not have the right and I demonstrate the error of their ways in the only way they can understand. Do you know what it’s like to have another creature inside of you? How it cries and screams constantly for freedom? How it bargains and pleads and promises? I know how it is and I do not listen. My heart is hardened.

Spirit Riders are spiritually-attuned individuals who can hold spirits within their bodies and gain powers from the spirits trapped within. They share many abilities with Sorcerers but their non pure-human blood prevents them from wielding magic to its fullest ability. Within the flesh of a Spirit Rider lurks things best left beyond the boundary, and Spirit Riders have a reputation of oddness or zealotry.

• Spirit Made Flesh: Spirit Riders can force spirits to turn into fleshy beings against their will. This binding lasts for 1 hour and an individual spirit can be made flesh only once per year. A spirit rider can make any threshold spirit flesh, but is cautioned in exercising such powers.
• Spirit Ride: After defeating a spirit made flesh in combat, a Spirit Riders can force the spirit into the Spirit Rider’s body and thereby gain a randomly determined intrinsic power of that spirit. A spirit rider may have more than two spirits within his body, but each extra one after that requires a successful Willpower conflict. Riding a third spirit requires a rank 5 Willpower conflict and every additional spirit increases the conflict rank by +1. Fortune cannot be spent on these conflicts, and a failed conflict results in all spirits being freed from the Spirit Rider’s body.
• Spirit Vitality: Spirit Riders regain Health, Ego and Fortune in an amount equal to their greatest primary ability.
• Spirit Vision: Spirit Riders can make (Ultra) 1 sense conflicts to detect spirits regardless their Lore rank.
• Spirit Knowledge: Spirit Riders receive a +2 to all lore skill set conflicts when identifying spirits.
• I’m Riding Now: Spirit Riders start with riding one spirit (Basic) as approved by the GM.

At creation, a Spirit Rider possesses the following skills at (Basic) 1: History of the Ancients. A Spirit Rider also possesses the following skills at (Intermediate) 1: Animal Husbandry, Foraging, History under the Shattered Moon, and Operation of Weapons and Armor. In addition, a Spirit Rider possesses the following skills at (Advanced) 1: Lore of Change, Lore of the Dead, Lore of Nature, Lore of Preservation.

A Spirit Rider has 4 thresholds and 4 ranks with which to customize his skill list. For example, he could spend 1 threshold to possess Operation of Weapons and Armor (Advanced) 1 and spend 1 rank for Operation of Weapons and Armor (Intermediate) 2. Finally, 3 thresholds and 3 ranks would bring him to Lore of the Dead (Ultra) 2, Lore of Nature (Ultra) 2, and Lore of Preservation (Ultra) 2.

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