Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sword of Will

Another new artifact for your Sorcery & Super Science! game.

Sword of Will (A) 5; Value 7,800
Spirits: D (A) 5; P (I) 1, 5; P (A) 5
Description: A sword of will is a fearsome weapon in the hands of one with the guts to wield it. Spending 1 Fortune allows its wearer to add to the damage of a hit by subtracting from his Ego up to an amount equal to his Willpower score. If more than 5 points of Ego are used in this manner at one time, the wielder must succeed on a rank 4 Willpower conflict or become staggered, -3 to all rolls for his next turn. A sword of Will flashes a deep green color when using its wielder’s Ego in exchange for damage. A Sword of Will recharges 1 Fortune per week.
Fortune: 14

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