Friday, August 13, 2010

Birth Horror

A new Sorcery & Super Science creature that I find particularly horrifying.

Birth Horror
Mutated spider (Basic)
C2 A5 S1 F1 R-2 I3 W2: Ego 8: Health 18: Fortune 12
Movement 8/70 (climb as same)

Description & Information: Birth horrors look like giant spiders (roughly 4 ft. wide) featuring a semi-human spider face. They have a crown of eyes around the top of their misshapen and lumpy head.

Birth horrors have a unique reproductive cycle and two very distinct aspects of the same species. The first type of birth horror (and not the one normally considered when the name is mentioned) is a small sickly-green spider. In this form they spend their time hunting small insects while continually looking for a pregnant mutated human in which to lay their seed. If a pregnant mutated human is infected by a birth horror (a rank 20 Fortitude conflict) her fetus changes, becoming the second aspect in the birth horror life cycle. This change is not noticeable until month 7 of the pregnancy, wherein the horror rips itself out of its host in a matter of minutes before fleeing into the wastelands where it grows to adulthood. Upon reaching adulthood the birth horror moves closer towards “civilization” and small pustule-like sacs form along its head/body. When these pop, a small-sickly green spider drops to the ground and the birth horror reproductive cycle begins anew. Birth Horrors are often found among scritch.

Intrinsic Powers
• Regenerate 2 additional Health per day.
• Possess senses greater than human +8 on any visual sense conflicts.
• Immune to poison.
• Birth Horrors attack with a bite, dealing +2 piercing damage per hit and a +4/ rank 4 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Urticating Hair (1 per day): Although mostly hairless, birth horrors can quickly release their hairs into a cloud affecting anything with 10 feet of the horror. Those in the cloud are subject to a rank 10 Fortitude conflict. Failure results in the temporary loss of 1 point of Fortitude. Protective breathing gear, even something as simple as a wet cloth over the mouth, prevents this effect.

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