Monday, August 30, 2010


A very unfriendly spirit under the shattered moon.

Destructive spirit (Advanced) 5
C6 A7 S9 F4 R6 I9 W3: Ego 44: Health 52: Fortune 44
Movement 5/44 (fly at 10/88)

Description & Information: Evil personified, an unholy destroys and desecrates. It exits to bring pain and chaos upon everything with which it interacts. It cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be trusted. When made flesh, an unholy is a constantly shifting mass of flesh, assuming one shape after another in a sequence harmful to sanity.

Intrinsic Powers
• Immune to toxic and energy attacks.
• Regenerate 10 additional Health, Ego, and Fortune per day. Regenerate from any permanent injury in a week.
• Unholy constantly change shape. As such, they cannot be held by anything that is less than air tight.
• Any creature perceiving an unholy suffers 2 Ego damage per turn.

Limited Use Powers
• Self Manifest (1 per century): An unholy may manifest once a century, to the thanks of all sane and just creatures.
• Possession (1 per year): An unholy can possess any sentient creature that fails a rank 20 Willpower conflict. This possession isn’t complete, but anytime the target wishes to control himself he must succeed at a rank 5 Willpower conflict. When in control of a victim, the unholy possesses its own statistics, not those of the victim.
• Horror of Horrors (1 per year): When in possession of a victim, an unholy can bring forth the horror of horrors. Any sentient creature viewing the possessed victim at that moment must succeed on a rank 20 Willpower conflict or suffer a permanent injury to Intuition and Willpower. What each creature sees varies based upon their deepest psychological terrors.
• Telekinesis (5 per day): Telekinesis (4 per day): Unholy possess the Telekinesis power at (Advanced) level. This ability can only be used when not manifested.

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