Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Screw Encounter Balance

One of the design tenants of Sorcery & Super Science is "Screw Encounter Balance." This means that the world under the shattered moon exists independently of the actions of the PCs within it. If the PCs are weak and enter a new location, they cannot assume it to be populated by weak creatures and conversely, if the PCs are strong they cannot assume that the creatures within are strong.

The guidelines presented via the Threshold levels of the various creatures and items are not presented so the GM knows what to have the player's interact with, they're there so that the GM has a general scale when worldbuilding. Monster toughness, item toughness, artifact toughness - all have *nothing* to do with the Player Characters. They are only guidelines to help a GM make a tough area when he considers an area to be tough and a weak area for when he wants the area to be weak. These thresholds have nothing to do with the PCs.

The world under the shattered moon doesn't revolve around the PC's power level. It does what it does independently of them, and the PCs need to wisely choose where and when to do things. It's like the real world, just a pretend real world.

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